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In 1859, the year Queensland separated from New South Wales, a group of individuals curious about science, technology and biodiversity formed the Queensland Philosophical Society.

The Queensland Government granted the Queensland Philosophical Society use of a room in the Windmill on Brisbane’s Wickham Terrace and £100 to further their aims. Two years later, on 20 January 1862, the Society opened its first public display – a hodge podge collection of shells, birds, fossils, stereoscopic photographs and a microscope.

And so, Queensland Museum Network was born.

Queensland Museum is custodian of the state’s natural and cultural heritage, caring for more than a million items and specimens in collections that tell the changing story of Queensland.

We deliver museum services across the state, through a network of public museums:

Our expert services include:

  • Research on a broad range of topics spanning biodiversity, geosciences, cultures and histories
  • State-wide loans service
  • Regional services program – Museum Resource Centre Network – providing professional and community support for collections and museums across the state
  • Publishing business for wildlife, historical and children’s publications
  • State-wide public Discovery centre
  • Online learning resources for schools

To find out more about the Queensland Museum Network, visit our website.